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2 Gallon Own Root & 5 Gallon Potted Roses

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2 Gallon Own Root & 5 Gallon Potted Roses are $29.95

*Please note, some roses listed here are no longer available.

*Please check availability by emailing

  • Potted roses are available for pick up form the garden open every day 9 to 4.
  • To order or reserve, please email
  • We will confirm your order and the best time for pick up or delivery by email (minimal delivery service available currently).

Own Root 2 gallon and 5 gallon potted roses are indicated by (OR):

Alchymist (OR) Climber. (1956) 10-15 feet. Yellow. Fragrant. One long annual flowering. Zones 4-9.

Altissimo (OR) Climber. 8-9 feet. Red. Not fragrant.  Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Ballerina(OR) Hybrid Musk. (1937)  6 feet. Pale pink w/ white center. Little fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.
Belle de Crecy

Blanc Double de Coubert

Cardinal de Richelieu (OR) Hybrid Gallica. (1840) 4-5 feet.Mauve. Fragrant. One annual bloom. Zones 3-9.
Carefree Beauty(OR)

Climbing Cecile Brunner (OR)
The Fairy (OR) Polyantha.  (1941) 2-3 1/2 feet. Pink. Little Fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-9.
Francis E. Lester(OR) Hybrid Musk, 1946. 12-20 feet. Zones 4-9. White.  Strong fragrance. One long bloom. Zone 6-10.
Hansa(OR)Rugosa. (1905)  5 feet. Vibrant Purple Red.  Fragrant.  Repeat bloom. Zones 3-9.
Marguerite HillingShrub. (1959) 3-5 feet. Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

New Dawn, cl.(OR)Lg. Flowered Cli., 1930.12-20 ft.  Pale Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-9. Rosa Moschata. (English Musk Rose) (Ancient) 10-15 feet. White. Fragrant. One annual flowering. Zones 5-10.

Pink Pillar(OR)

Reine des Violettes(OR)

Rosa Paulii (Rosa Xpaulii)Ground cover. (Prior to 1903) 12 feet. White. Fragrant. Flowers repeatedly. Zone 4-10.


Sally Holmes (OR)Shrub. (1976) 6-7 feet. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-9.
Sombreuil (OR)Large Flowered Climber. (1856) 7-12 feet. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 6-10.
St. PatrickHybrid Tea. (1996) 4 feet. Yellow-gold shaded green. Light fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-10.
The Fairy(OR) Polyantha.  (1941) 2-3 1/2 feet. Pink. Little Fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-9.

White Dawn, Cl.  Lg. Flowered Cli., 1949. 12-14 feet.  White. Sweet fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-9.

White Pet(OR)

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