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As of January, 2016, we are no longer shipping bareroot roses, please see our potted roses available:

Large Potted Roses  and  1 g Own Root Roses

Roses are guaranteed to be true to name, to be free of virus, and to grow the first spring after receiving provided planting instructions are followed and the loss of plants is not due to weather or conditions beyond our control.  Please notify us within 30 days or by the following June 1st.  Please remember, roses are living things and need attention as soon as you receive them.  Please read the planting and care instructions on our 'Get Advice' link at the top of the page,  Planting instructions will be included with your package as well.  Shipping and handling charges are applicable.

Key = (OR) - Own root, not grafted roses. 
     (Cl.) - Climbing Roses, although there are climbers that do not include 'Climbing' in their name, so look at height.
Abraham DarbyDavid Austin. (1985) 5 feet. Peach-Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.
Angel Face Floribunda.  (1969)  3-4 feet. Lavender. Repeat bloom.  Zones 5-9. 

Blanc Double de Coubert Rugosa. (1892) 3-5 feet. Flowers repeatedly. White. Zones 3-9.
Blaze, Improved, Cl. Large Flowered Climber. 1932.  12-14 feet. Red. Flowers repeatedly.  Zones 4-9.
Cat-in-the-Bag (Pig-in-a-poke)  A mystery rose, from which the rose tag is lost,  $11.00

Carefree Beauty (OR)Shrub. Pink. 3-4 feet. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-10. 

Cecile Brunner, Cl. Climbing Polyantha. (1894) Intermittent bloom.

Claire Austin. David Austin. White. Fragrant. Repeat bloom.

Don Juan, Climber Large flowered climber. (1958) 12-14 feet. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 4-9.

Double Delight Hybrid Tea. (1977) 3-4 feet. White edged Red. Fragrant. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

Dublin Bay, Cl.   Large Flowered Climber. (1976) 8-12 feet. Red. Blooms repeatedly. Zone 4-10.

Evelyn David Austin.

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Cl. Fourth of July Large Flowered Climber.1999.10-14 feet.Red striped white.Apple rose fragrance.Repeat.Zones 5-10.

Frau Karl Druschki

Gertrude Jekyll David Austin. (1986) 4-10 feet. Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Golden Showers, Cl. 1956.  12-14 feet. Yellow. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 4-9.
Graham ThomasDavid Austin. (1983) 6 feet. Yellow. Fragrant. Repeat Bloom. Zones 5-10.

Hansa(OR) Rugosa. (1905)  5 feet. Vibrant Purple Red.  Fragrant.  Repeat bloom. Zones 3-9.
Heritage David Austin.1984. 4-5 feet. Shell Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.
Hot Cocoa Floribunda.  (2003) 4-5 feet. Rust/chocalate. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Iceberg  (OR)Floribunda. (1958) 4-5 feet. White. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Julia Child(OR)Floribunda. (2006) Gold. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Just JoeyHybrid Tea. (1972)  3 feet. Buff orange. Strong fragrance. Blooms repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

Mary Rose David Austin. Shrub. Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 5-10.

Munstead Wood David Austin.

New Dawn, Cl.(OR) Lg. Flowered Cli. (1930)12-20 ft. Pale Pink. Fragrant. Repeat bloom. Zones 4-9.

Olympiad Hybrid Tea.  (1984)  3-5 feet.  Red. Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

The PilgrimShrub.  David Austin.  (1991)  4-5 feet. Pale Yellow.  Fragrant. Zones 5-10.
Rosa Rugosa Alba(OR) Rugosa  4-6 ft. White. Fragrance. Repeat bloom. Zones 3-9.
Rosa Rugosa Rubra(OR) Rugosa <1799. 4-6 ft. Bluish Red. Fragrance. Repeat bloom.  Zones 3-9.

Sally Holmes Shrub.  (1976)  6-7 feet. Apricot/White.  Flowers repeatedly. Zones 5-9.

Sterling SilverHybrid Tea. Blue. 4 feet. Flowers repeatedly.

Stainless Steel Hybrid Tea. Lavender. 4 feet. Flowers repeatedly.

The Pilgrim Shrub.  David Austin.  (1991) Yellow. 4-5 feet.  Zones 5-10.
Topaz Jewel Hybrid Rugosa.  (1987) 3-5 feet. Yellow. Flowers Repeatedly.  Zones 4-8

Zepherine DrouhinBourbon. (1868) 6-8 feet. Deep Pink. Blooms Repeatedly. Zones 5-10.

More Varieties available as potted roses, please see Large Potted Roses and 1 g Own Root Roses

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